How to Write High Performing AdWords Ads

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Writing AdWords ads can be a bit of a pain, mainly because you need to fit all your ad copy into a very small space.

You’re forced to get extremely creative so that you can stand out from the other advertisers that you’re sharing real estate with.

How exactly do you do it?

We’re here to give you proven strategies that you can use to write high performing AdWords ads that will certainly bring you higher Quality Scores, higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates.

Mirror the searchers end goal

If you’ve done any research on what your competitors are doing, then you’ve noticed that a lot of their ads say pretty much the same thing.

It’s easy to get caught-up doing what they’re doing and decrease your chances of getting clicks. But, how can you stand out?

Don’t lose site of the potential customers’ end goal. Their end goal can be defined by what they ultimately want to accomplish by using your product of service. Understanding this can be the key to differentiating yourself from your competitors.

An example

Let’s say you’re a chiropractor and visitors search for keywords like, “get rid of back pain.”

Most ads you see will use Dynamic Keyword Insertion and just reiterate what was typed, or will have a headline such as, “Dealing with back pain?” As the advertiser you already know they’re dealing with back pain- that’s why they searched it.


Instead, you should cater to their end goal, or create some sort of call-to-action.


Notice how the headline above keeps the searcher proactive and forces them to take action?

It’s not smart to give up the important headline space for something both you and the searcher already know. Instead, give searchers the end goal that they’re looking for…

“Stop Back Pain For Good.”

Test, test, test…

Start testing in your space! The underlying principles are the same throughout all industries, but you’ll only ever truly know what works by actually testing.

Like always, feel free to contact us with any suggestions or questions you may have. Or, if it’s easier, shoot us a text at 516-580-5976.

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