Company vs. Competitor Blog Posts

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For some reason people think that it’s not okay to talk about their competitors online. They think that brands and products shouldn’t be compared. Company names shouldn’t be dropped.

I think this is complete BS.

If you’re serious about your brand or product and you believe in it, then you should let that be known and make it clear. You don’t have to go on a tirade about why your competitors suck and don’t deliver what they promise. There’s a professional way to get across a similar message.

If your goal is to position yourself as an expert and the go-to source of information in your industry then you damn well better have confidence and belief in your brand and product.

It’s okay for you to publish content on your site comparing your products to your competitor. If you’re still worried about doing this then you can make sure to keep the content primarily focused on your brand and products- but be sure to mention their company name a few times.

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